This is the last letter that I have from Danny.  I believe there was communication between the 8th and the 20th that has been lost. 

Sunday Jan 20 1918

Dear Dad,

Mother’s letter of Tuesday arrived last night. What Tuesday she wrote it I don’t know.  No letter from you has come yet so I’m still broke. The letter may yet drift thru but most likely will be returned. Better start a letter to me immediately with a couple of one dollar bills and all the stamps you can spare. Most likely we will be here for a couple of weeks yet although we are supposed to leave for the north at any time. If you think you can afford it I would enjoy some sweets of some kind very much.  Nearly all the boys get a box occasionally and they give me just enough to make me crazy for something sweet. You know in these open kitchens there is practically nothing sweet served.

Now to give you the news.  I have been assigned to Aero Squad 224. This is permanent and we are supposed to be overseas bound.

Mother wanted to know about my health. Tell her to send me handkerchiefs and cough syrup or money to get them, and I may get well. There are lots of things that will do me more good than letters of inquiry or reccommendation (sic) at present.  The blizzard Mother wanted to know about was bad, there is another right now.  I was out in it most of last night. Gloves would come in handy. Handkerchiefs, cough medicine and goggles to keep dust out of the eyes and fruit are my most urgent needs. It gets cold here alright, fact is I have never minded cold as much in my life. Possibly it’s because of the lack of water and the heating fuel that chocolate, sugar and other stuff like that produces.  [I believe that here he means that not having water to heat hot  chocolate, tea and so forth accounts for some of the reason he feels the cold so much.]

Think I will close now and get warm.  Our squadron is well officered now and I think conditions will improve. We may be moved in a few days, and may be here for months, at any rate my address will now be permanent and if I should move my mail will either follow or be returned, not much chance of being lost.

Love and Best Wishes, Dan

(Will write more fully first chance)