Today, the global infections hit 100,000, and President Trump signed an $8.3 billion aid package into law. Maybe bigger news to many Americans, South x SouthWest was cancelled.  Wait!  What’s happening?

My daughter was scheduled to fly to CA to participate in a conference.  It was cancelled.

And there’s another cruise ship, this one off the coast of California.

I started thinking more about the trip to New York.  I thought about the crowded Broadway theater, with the old seats made for a time when people in general were smaller; I thought about the train; I thought about the hotel and the restaurants.  I called my brother, who has life-long asthma.  He agreed that it might be an issue, and so reluctantly we canceled, “out of an abundance of caution.”

Seems like the private sector is responding, cancelling conferences and festivals.  Shouldn’t the government be doing something, like telling people how to get tested if they have the symptoms?  Maybe actually telling people what the symptoms are? Should we be worried about kids in school—they bear a relationship to cruise ships, everybody jammed into tight spaces and forced to eat together in a giant room in shifts.