I took a walk through a park several weeks ago with the dog—but after the stay-at-home orders and restrictions on group size.   I was surprised to see about thirty adults playing basketball, with kids trying to get onto the court as well.  And the tennis courts were full of people, some playing tennis, some just hanging around.  Today I walked through and it appears the City has taken the hoops and nets right off the backboards and chained the tennis courts shut.  So what does that say?  Some people don’t believe the virus is real? Some people don’t care if the virus is real? We haven’t done a good job communicating the danger to self and others? Some people don’t listen? Some people are selfish idiots? Actually there are really serious questions here about the tug of war between freedom of choice and the greater good, between individual rights and what the government should do to protect public health.  We’ve been listening to this debate regarding vaccination; now we’re seeing it played out on an epic scale.