I went to a scheduled doctor’s appointment today.  At the sign-in desk there were two huge bottles of hand sanitizer and a sign that said they don’t do COVID-19 testing (it was the gynecologist…) It was while sitting in the waiting room that I heard from another patient that the PA Governor had mandated strong measures for the four counties around Philadelphia including closing all schools.  Philadelphia was exempted because there are no cases here (yet…probably because of testing issues) and anyway, it’s already dangerous to work in a Philly school, what with the asbestos and lead pipe issues.

I passed a Whole Foods on my way home and stopped to shop as planned.  I was completely unprepared for the pandemonium in the store.  Lines to the registers were 10 carts deep, and whole shelves were empty.  I had heard about the perplexing toilet paper hoarding, but pasta, canned veggies, frozen foods, and all manner of cleaning supplies and paper goods were in short supply.  I was just there to do a typical shop, but I got in the spirit and bought extra crackers and seltzer water.